Compare internet faxing companies side by side so you can choose the best provider for your needs. Read more about each company or sign up and, in some cases, get our discounted price.

MyFax FaxNgo Nextiva RingCentral eFax
Price $10.00 $12.95 $8.95 $9.99 $16.95
Yearly Discount Price $9.17 $8.30 $4.95 $7.99 $14.13
Incoming Pages 100 Unlimited 500 500 150
Outgoing Pages 200 150 Combined Combined 150
Overage Per Page $0.10 $0.10 $0.03 $0.06 $0.10
Start Up Fee Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial
Users 5 1 5 30 5
Storage 5 Unlimited 6 Month Unlimited 6 Months
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About Internet Faxing

Internet faxing is the way to make an outdated service work with the internet. It is secure and safe. Internet faxing is almost like email. You scan the document that you need to send, type the number you are sending it to, and away it goes. The other person doesn’t ever have to know you use internet faxing. Your faxes are sent to fax machines just like they used to be. People with fax machines send the faxes to your own fax number and they think it comes in like faxes did in the past.

Most documents we fax now-a-days we keep on our computer so why not keep it there while faxing. Store your faxes you sent and that you have received on your computer.

You have your own fax number. You can even port it to a new company if you switch internet faxing companies.

How to Choose a Faxing Company

There are many factors that go into deciding which internet fax service is best for you. We have rated each internet fax service and you can see how at our how we compare faxing page. But you really need an internet fax service that is right for you. So at how to choose a internet fax service you can see thing you should know to find the right internet fax service for you.

Free Trials

Most internet fax services give out a free trial. Take advantage of free trials. Try a internet fax service and if you don’t like it you can change to a new internet fax service. This is the best way to try out internet faxing and see which internet fax service is best for your. You have no obligation to go longer than the free trial period. Internet fax services know that what they offer is so great and will be very helpful to you and your company that they think you will keep going after the free trial period, and I bet you will too.

Free Faxing

There are some free internet faxing services that let you fax for free. Some add advertisements on the cover page or try to sell you on another product while you are at their site. Free internet faxing can be get if you are looking just to fax a page or two and don’t have to receive any faxes. Read More…

Before you buy

If you are new to internet faxing here are some helpful tips and things you should know before signing up for an internet fax service. It is not difficult but we want to make sure you have all the information possible to you get the right internet fax service for your faxing needs.

Compare Internet Fax Services

There are so many different services in internet faxing. So many variables to choose an internet faxing company. So how do you compare internet fax services? Well we try to make it easy for you to compare internet fax services your way not ours. We have given a list of different features, benefits, and price points for you to compare internet fax services to figure out which is best for you. Here are some of those comparison points to take a look at.


Price is the first thing everyone always looks at, but it shouldn’t. If you look at some of the companies they charge more for about they same service. It just seems that way. They charge more because they have extra services or features that you can’t see in a review. They best way to see how a internet fax company really compares is to sign up for free trial.

Incoming Pages

This is the biggest thing to compare if you are looking to send a lot of faxes. But be aware because some internet fax services combine their incoming and outgoing pages so it seems like you get 500 pages. But that is 500 pages received or sent not received and sent.

Outgoing Pages

Are you looking to receive a lot of faxes? if so this is where you need to focus to compare internet faxing companies. It is a good idea to try to have a good amount of pages to fax in outgoing pages because it is easier to control how many faxes you send but harder to control how many faxes you receive. If you don’t have enough pages in your internet faxing account you will get charged per page.

Extra Cost per Page

Just like cell phones, internet faxing providers charge you for overages. If you are on or close to your limit but you can’t justify spending more to get more incoming and outgoing pages, compare internet faxing cost per extra page. It may be cheaper to pay a small overage each month rather than move up to the next plan.

Start up fee

Compare internet faxing companies wisely. This is where they will get you. If you have to pay a start up fee make sure you love everything about them. If there is no start up fee, try them. Most will have a free trial so you can try it for free. If you don’t like the company, switch. There is no harm in that.

Free Trial

Most internet faxing companies offer free trials. Compare internet faxing companies to find a 30 day free trial so you have a month to see if you like them. There is also no harm of signing up for a few internet faxing companies at once. Just make sure you cancel the free trial if you don’t like the internet faxing company you tried.

Toll-Free/Local Numbers

What do you want people to see as your fax number? a toll-free number? a local number? You can sign up for either or get 2 faxes numbers with both. Also you don’t have to get an area code in the area you are located. If you do more business in one area, get a local number with that area code.

Fax Storage

How long are you going to keep your faxes stored? Compare and figure out with internet fax company will best fit your needs and let you keep faxes for a length of time or a size limit. Of course the more and longer the better but if you want to not worry about this you can always save your faxes to your computer.

Number of emails Sent to

If you have a team and you want the faxes sent to you sent to everyone make sure you compare and find an internet faxing company that has the ability to send the fax to more email addresses. This is not a bad feature to have but if it is just you then you can skip right over it.

App of Phone or Tablet

We are on the go so much now a days. To be able to get your faxes on your phone or tablet is almost a must have. The bad part is most internet faxing companies have not figured out a good way to do this well. Sign up for free trials of those internet faxing companies that have free trials and try their apps to see if they will work for you.