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Sign up for eFaxeFax is the largest internet faxing company.  They might seem more expensive but they have gotten to be the largest for reasons.  They have great customer service and they have great technology.  You can be sure that you have some of the coolest, most up to date features when you sign up for efax.

Not only can you fax with eFax but you can send large files like videos with their file sharing.  Also to help you really utilize internet faxing, eFax has an online digital signature.  This way you never have to print a document to sign.  You can do everything on your computer.

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eFax scored a 2.74 / 5 on our rating.  Check out how we rate internet faxing companies.

Compare eFax to Internet Faxing Averages

eFax Averages
Price $16.95  $10.75
Incoming Pages 130 530
Outgoing Pages 30 Combined
Extra Per Page 15 cents  3.5 cents
Start up fee $10
Free Trial 30 day 21.7 day
Toll-free/Local Number Both Both
Fax Storage 1 Year 1 Year
Number of Emails Sent to 5 3
App Yes No
BBB Rating B+ A
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 2.4 / 10

eFax received a lower score than most companies in the fax plan category.  The have a higher price than most other faxing companies and give you less pages.  How it averages out is that you are paying about 10.6 cents per page.  This is much higher than the average of other fax companies at 3.5 cents per page.

Sending a Fax

7.5 / 10

eFax has all of the faxing features you would need in sending a fax.  It got pretty close to be one of the top rated faxing companies in this category.  It only did not get perfect because of scheduling a fax and charged for unsuccessful fax.  You have to have software to schedule a fax.  This can be downloaded from eFax for free.  If you fax and it is not successful you have to call them to get the credit back in your account.

Receiving a Fax

7 / 10

eFax matches up with almost any other faxing company when it comes to receiving a fax.  You can have 5 different email addresses receive the fax, which is not the best but it is the standard and higher than many other companies.  It does not have a junk fax filter.

Other Fax Features

7.9 / 10

eFax got the highest rating of all the fax companies in the other fax features category.  They have document management, online digitized signatures and an iphone, ipad, and itouch app.  eFax does not have an app for Android.

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